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Help me Fund my Home.

Alberto Dionisio

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I'm officially broke😉! Well, bankrupt is a way of saying that I will need to finish my work while I no longer have any Bitcoin Cash with me (after all I will use what I have for my house) and be able to finance the construction of the first house (home) only using cryptocurrency. That's why I'm asking the Bitcoin Cash community to finance my construction. This financing will allow me to finish the construction without having to worry about stoppages and have enough value to pay for all the materials that may end up at the time of construction. I need about $3090 so I can't stop building my future home. It's all funded using Bitcoin Cash that I've acquired over the years and a few months of work as a content creator on The value will be used for: **Purchase of cement (100 bags)-21,000 Meticais, ~$350 **Irons (100 irons)-35,000 Meticais, $600 **Wood bars (15-20)-20,000 Meticais, $400 **White sand and coarse sand-21,000 Meticais, $390 **Windows (3) and doors (2)-25,000 Meticais, $450 **Zinc Sheets (30 Sheets)-50,000Meticais, $900 Total- $3090 = 194670 Meticais= 7,3 BCH P.S: I already started my project and I have material to start, the funding will be used to be a budget which will allow me to not stop it. Visit my profile on All help will be of great importance for 'building my future home' as it will be the first of the Bitcoin Cash community all financed through BCH 😎 logo


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